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Hairs grow therapy for bald head people. Good Bye to Bald Head People within just 3 hours for both men and women.

Those who have hair, they take more care to exist. But in case of bald head people it is sympathetic. Now their dreams have come to touch through New Hair Life. People of all age, can have their treatment for hair fall, hair weaving, hair bonding and silicon systems. It looks like 100% natural. With no side effects its method is a painless and service & maintenance it is so easy that you can do yourself. But in case you are willing to attain service from us you can visit any of our nearest office

You don’t have to expand extra timing in hair fixing as it is easy to use. No need of extra care just maintain as your natural hair as we offer complete naturally.


New Hair Life - Features

  • New Method
  • No Surgery
  • No Side Effects
  • Its not a wig
  • Dye, Ride, Swim etc.,

Hide your Baldness: We offer a new method using Canadian Technology and offer a new hair fixing technology to overcome baldness by complete natural look and 100% identical to your natural hair and natural look. You can travel in vehicle, Swim, Comb in different styles & different look.

Hair Weaving, Hair Bonding, Silicon System Treatment are done here.

Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is the science of addition of hair to the scalp by weaving or braiding of already existing hair. The secret is in the technology, and it is designed to give you what you’ve always desired a perfectly natural, undetectable front hairline to both sight and touch. Hair weaving is a safe and non-surgical way to cover baldness.

It gives a perfect natural look however resetting is required every two to four months depending upon the rate and volume of existing hair growth.


Hair Bonding

This technique is practiced normally when existing hair are in the sides and back only and front and crown of the scalp area is almost bald. The hair units are bonded with an approved silicon compound and merged with your existing hair. Hair Bonding is also considered an option for people suffering from a wide range of hair and scalp illness.

Silicon System Treatments

Our anti-hair loss treatment clinic is a well-known name engaged in providing silicon hair treatment solutions for baldness. Like hair bonding, silicon hair treatment also involves setting the hair through small clips. In silicon mix hair treatment method, the base of the patch is made of silicon material, which looks exactly similar to an original scalp. We offer ideal silicon hair treatment solution, so that the client’s regular activities like shampoo bath, swimming, driving etc., are not affected.



Polyfuse is a recent method involving the bonding of hair to the scalp using a skin like material called polyfuse. This polyfuse treatment is quick and trouble-free, requiring no extra care and maintenance for hairs. After using our hair bonding polyfuse treatment, the client can easily change his hair style by normal combing without any apprehension to lose them again.

Body Massages

  • Kerela Body Massage
  • Body Massage
  • Joint Pain Massage
  • Cool Head Massage
  • Back Pain Massage
  • Body Relaxation Massage




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